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Welcome to Sharp Hair Design

Sharp Hair Design was established in 1996, and continues to offer superior styling and hair care services in Oldsmar and the surrounding communities. Continually educating ourselves on new trends, techniques, and products is our goal. Understanding that "trendy" isn't always the best look for everyone. Sometimes a classic timeless look is the best choice. That is our job, to help you to make that decision.

Sharp Hair Design has spent the last several years defining the difference between "Natural", "Organic" and "Certified Organic". Ingredient awareness can be a bit overwhelming to even an educated professional. We understand that our client's trust us to take care of their hair, and we strive to continually learn the latest and safest techniques in the industry. We will not sell any products that we have not inspected the ingredients to make sure they are up to our standards. We have not yet reached the standard of being a totally "Green Salon", but we do promise that we are very serious about the safety and well-being of our Guest's inside and out.

Additionally, our industry does not have any regulations to protect ourselves and clients from extremely harmful ingredients, such as formaldehyde. The responsibility of ingredient awareness is up to individual salons and stylists, which we take very seriously at Sharp Hair Design for not only our own benefit, but for our client's as well.

Artistic, Ethical, and Integrity are the three words we hope our guests use when they describe Sharp Hair Design.